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Business Interruption Risks
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Camp directors don't spend enough time considering the risks of business interruption. Inadequate preparation increases the risk of financial loss and carries with it potentially catastrophic implications for the future of the business.

Business Interruption insurance is also known as Business Income insurance, or Time Element insurance. It is written as part of the property insurance policy, but is a separate coverage part, distinct from the insurance purchased to protect the value of buildings and contents.

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In my years as a staff trainer/advisor, perhaps one of the most challenging issues I have had to deal with is helping campers, staff members, and families deal with illness and death occurring prior to or during the camp season. Recently, in a community from which our campers come, I was approached by a camper parent who wanted to reiterate how helpful I had been in helping not only his child, but he and his wife navigate the emotionally overwhelming illness and death of a grandparent during the summer.

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The American Canoe Association has released Critical Judgment, Understanding and Preventing Canoe and Kayak Fatalities, a report examining canoe- and kayak-related fatalities over the five-year period from 1996 to 2000.

For everyone concerned with paddlesport safety, the report provides vital information to better understand the risks of paddling, the nature of canoe- and kayak-related accidents, and the population most at risk of being involved in a fatal canoe- or kayak-related accident.

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This information is current as of July 24, 2013. For the latest information, please visit

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When Behavior Becomes a Legal Issue
Published Date: 2010-05-03


Behavior issues continue to be a prominent and growing concern of camp managers. Today's campers and staff present new challenges. They come to camp accustomed to being tightly supervised and managed at home and school, medicated for a variety of disorders, exhausted, and immersed in a virtual, digital world — with little outdoor adventure experience or contact with the natural world. And the focus is not entirely on campers and staff. Parents are requiring more and more attention as they demand a larger role in the lives of their children while at camp.

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Your personal brand matters. Wait — before you roll your eyes or flip the page because personal brand sounds cheesy, consider this: What three words would your camp supervisor and peers use to describe you? Do those words match with how you want your best references to describe you? Personal brand isn’t a made-up concept; it is a powerful tool, and it’s easy to use.

This Is Relevant for Camp Jobs

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Standards: Reviewed, Revised, Reformatted!
Published Date: 2015-10-11


What’s This Mean to Me?

  • The 2012 edition of the Accreditation Process Guide (APG) was released mid-September 2011.
  • All fee-paying camps and visitors will receive a complimentary printed version of the 2012 APG. These are distributed at the local level.
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Every child is unique. Every camp is unique. So, unique approaches when responding to the needs of children in camps are essential. Summer camps were started to support children during out-of-school time (Ozier, n. d.) and to offer survival skills for children to thrive in the real world, outside of the immediate relationship of their families. Summer camps are a valuable resource for all children, especially those who have a learning disability and have experienced trauma or situational factors such as homesickness and bullying.

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According to the results of a recent survey of outdoor adventure program directors and risk managers, more outdoor education and adventure-based recreation programs are concerned about transportation and driving issues than any other risk management-related issue. The survey results — in the form of a fifteen-page research finding titled “Rocky Terrain: A Look at the Risks in the Outdoor Adventure Industry” — are the outcome of a study conducted by Outward Bound USA and its insurer, The Saint Paul Companies.


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How to Speak So Others Listen
Published Date: 2014-01-01

When you speak, do people listen? More importantly, do they remember what you’ve said? Or, do you feel others simply tolerate or ignore you? If you’ve found yourself repeating messages or fighting to keep someone’s attention, you’re not alone! Your message has to cut through a lot of noise in today’s society, and the competition is brutal. You’re up against stress, technology, multitasking, and information overload. While it’s a challenge to be heard over the roar, it’s not impossible.

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