Add Photos for All Your Campers & Staff with Enrollsy’s Photo Feature

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Enrollsy makes it easy to add photos for both campers and your camp staff!

Camper Photos

Photos of campers can be quickly uploaded right on the camper’s page by either an admin user or an instructor. A parent can also upload their child’s photo right in the Enrollsy Parent Portal!

These photos can be viewed on the “Enrollee Table” (along with any information from Enrollsy’s customized Enroll Form) and either downloaded or printed. Create customized reports to quickly view important camp information.

Camper photos are also viewable on the Instructor’s Activity page in Enrollsy’s Instructor app, making it effortless for staff to select campers for a variety of preset or custom-made activities (check-in/out, incident reports, etc).

Staff Photos

Admin users and instructors can also add photos to each instructor’s account (along with bios). Admins can view all staff in a table that includes these photos. Staff can also edit their own photos within the instructor app.

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