Ship Your Campers' Bags Home with LugLess

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In the wake of the widely reported news that Camp Trucking may have closed its doors, many overnight campers have been left without a way to get their belongings home. For parents who now have their child's bags stuck on-site or for those who are gearing up to leave and are trying to figure out a roundtrip journey for their luggage, LugLess is here to help.

LugLess, the premier luggage shipping service, is a reliable and affordable option for families with children attending sleepaway camps to get their luggage to and from camp safely. LugLess is well-versed in getting your sports equipment, trunks, suitcases, and more delivered right to your camp cabin (and back home again) at the most cost-competitive rate. For more information, please visit

WHAT: Ship all your belongings to and from overnight camp to simplify your travel
WHO: LugLess, the easiest and cheapest way for travelers to ship their luggage and sports equipment
WHEN: Summer 2023
WHERE: Summer camps nationwide

About LugLess

LugLess offers the only cost-competitive alternative to checking bags at the airport by enabling travelers to ship luggage directly to their destination for as little as $20. The LugLess platform makes it easy and intuitive to send luggage with existing logistics networks at a discounted price that is often less than checking a bag. This ultra-low-cost shipping service provides travelers a simple, affordable solution to the frustration, inconvenience and rising costs of carrying and checking luggage at the airport.