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Promoting Your Camp - Recommended Language

Many camps like to promote their accreditation status and their relationship to ACA. We encourage you to do this. There are specific words we prefer you use and not use when describing your...

Accredited-Camp Logo

You may be eligible to use one of the logos of the American Camp Association. ACA logos are carefully protected by trademark laws – logos are not to be altered in any way, except for size

Facts about Free Memberships

This program was originally designed to help connect as many frontline staff (or counselors) as possible with their first professional association.

Business Affiliates Logo

Show camps you support their community. Display this logo on your website and marketing materials....

#CampProPerks FLyer

New to ACA?

We're glad you found us! The world is changing quickly and ACA is here to support the camp community. We know you have questions and concerns and we are striving to give you the most updated...

Ready. Set. Go.

Are you considering going through the accreditation process but unsure what the process really is? This webinar will help you understand more about what it takes, including how much time you’ll need...

Faith-based Camp Professionals Community

Being Heard / Making a Difference - Getting Your Session Proposal Accepted The Faith-based Camp Professionals group is excited to host a conversation with insights and strategies...

ACA Membership Join & Renewal

Find information about joining and renewing here.

ACA Resource Roundup

Are you getting the most out of your ACA membership? Join us on May 16 to learn more about all the resources and support available to you head into the summer, from peer support groups to online...