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ACA Accreditation: Valuable Marketing Tools

Share the message. Tell the parents and the public about your camp's accreditation. The following resources help you promote your accreditation through proper logo use, press releases, announcements...

Marketing and Communications — COVID-19

Parents and staff are naturally going to be concerned, particularly with the constant media coverage of coronavirus, so you must communicate openly and often with them.

Market Your Camp

ACA has new resources to help camps with their own marketing efforts. You will find information that explains the value of camp, and the importance of accreditation that you can add to your own...

ACA-Accredited Camp Logo

You may be eligible to use one of the logos of the American Camp Association. ACA logos are carefully protected by trademark laws – logos are not to be altered in any way, except for size

Camp Gives Kids a World of Good® Logo

ACA member camps in good standing are invited to display the Camp Gives Kids a World of Good logo. This logo shows you are a part of a the camp community and a network of camp professionals, who have...