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Music-Making in Camps

How can camps use music to enhance camper experiences, and why is it so important?

CampWire Episode 54: Creating a Community for Military Kids

In preparation for Veterans Day, we are honored and excited to chat with Christy Brown and Becca Garrison of the National Military Family Association all about Operation Purple Camps. Learn about...

CampWire Episode 51: Stacey Morgan on Space Travel, Taking Risks, and Embracing Adventure

Join us for an adventure-filled conversation!

What’s Wrong with This Song? We Love It and Have Been Singing It Forever!

Here you are, catching up, maybe relaxing now that camp is over. You’re reflecting on the joy of having experienced another successful season; the sadness of saying goodbye to...

Camp Business Resources — COVID-19

Federal disaster relief loans, Facebook grants, insurance information, supply resources, and more.

We Need PLAY Now More Than Ever!

Play is beneficial for ALL ages. It positively impacts brain growth, academic development, social emotional wellbeing and enhances creative and critical thinking across generations. Sadly, playful...

CampWire Episode 35: Harness the Power of Plants for Your Program

 Join the conversation about the importance and value of connecting young people to the power of plants and the rewards of growing them as a key aspect of youth development.

For Posterity: Using Time Capsules to Capture Camp

It was the spring of 2016 when I received a call from the current director of Many Point Camp in Minnesota. Having been the director of Many Point for 25 years, I was used to a call inviting me to...

Celebration Games: Physical Activities for Every Month

Provides a calendar year's worth of fun games and activities, all designed to get 5- to 12-year-olds excited about physical activity. Included are 68 physical fitness activities, skills, games, and...

101 Creative Programs for Children

A great collection of programs and activities designed for the development of children's physical skills, cognitive exploration, social interaction, and character development. Provides programs that...