ACA SLC Webinar Series: The Human Factor in Keeping Campers Safe, Bob Ditter

When it comes to camp safety, one of the greatest challenges is managing the human factor—the interaction of young adult leaders with the children entrusted to your care. From interviews to camper coverage and supervision, we as an industry have learned a lot about operating safely at camps. One of the major considerations for safety at camp is the maturity level of your staff. In this insightful webinar presented by veteran camp consultant, trainer and advisor, Bob Ditter, you will learn the "Four Pillars" of camp safety, get specific ideas for what you need to tell your staff and learn ways to oversee your staff's performance that are simple and effective.

Sponsor/Company Name:  ACA, Southern California/Hawaii
Event Date:  January 16, 2014 - 11:00am - 12:00pm
Endorsed:  Yes
CECs:  1
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Core Competencies:
Business Management and Practices
Families and Community Connections
Health and Wellness
Human Resources Management
Risk Management