Win a Free Spring Leadership Conference Poster

Win the 2021 conference poster!

Will it be a collector's item?  Perhaps.  This may be the one and only virtual Spring Leadership Conference.   

With the theme of Peace, Love, Camp, the planning committee thought the look and feel of a groovy rock poster was what we needed to share the vibe of this year's conference.  Now you can have one of these psychedelic posters yourself.   But hurry, only 50 will be awarded.

This is a special social media promotion for the 2021 Spring Leadership Conference.  The prize will be a full color 18”x24” poster of the 2021 conference featuring “Z” our flamingo mascot with the peace sign and psychedelic colors.  Winners will receive their posters in mailing tubes (not folded). 

To be eligible for the drawing you only need to

1)post on social media that you are planning to attend the conference

2)tell us what about the conference you are excited about

3)email with your interest in being in the drawing and an example of what you said on social media. 

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and good luck!