Keynote & Featured Speakers - Southeastern Conference

Jed Dearybury

Jed began his education career in 2001. During his 13-year early childhood classroom tenure, Jed received numerous awards. He was featured in GQ Magazine as Male Leader of the Year, met President Obama as the SC winner of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching, and was named as a top 5 finalist for South Carolina Teacher of the Year because of his passion, love, and success in education. Since leaving the classroom in 2015 he has been leading professional development across the country, as well as training the next generation of educators through his work with Higher Ed. As of August 2019, he is the Director of Creativity and Innovation at LLC. His mission: Equip, Encourage, Empower the teaching profession using creativity, laughter, and hands-on fun!


Opening Keynote - The Power of Play For ALL Ages

Do you want your campers to connect with each other as a team? Do you want your learning space to encourage collaboration? Does your camp curriculum create learners who are risk-takers? Do you want your students to build up one another? If you answered yes to any of these questions, join me for this community development keynote where we will dive headfirst into the deep end of social-emotional learning that playful learning can provide. We will discuss tips and tricks, review resources, and practice our own bit of community building as we learn about the power of play for ALL ages.


Breakout Session - Let’s Take a Walk “Arts” side/ Playful Learning: Anytime, Anywhere

Art, creativity, innovation, and wonder are all key components of 21st Century learning. Thank goodness all of those things can be found with just a quick walk through nature. Have you ever stopped to look at all the learning opportunities that present themselves just by walking through the woods, by a pond, passing a meadow? Join presenter, Jed Dearybury for an interactive session like you’ve never done before. We will literally take a walk in the outdoors and see what learning experiences we can find together. This will be your favorite session for sure!


Breakout Session - STEAM Rolling through Children’s Literature

Using children's literature to integrate the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) learning mindset into your camp is a natural fit. During this session, we will learn some engaging ways to fill your camp experience with hands-on STEAM strategies that will develop creative, critical thinking students. Want students to leave camp "wowed" and excited about reading? Join me for this session!


Closing Keynote - You All Get An F

Sometimes all of us who educate students need reminding why we do what we do. It is not just about grades, tests, homework. Some days it’s not even about learning. There’s so much more to being an educator beyond the busyness of paperwork and meetings, planning, training, conferences, etc. Real educators, who fully understand the depth of their work, get it. They know this and move mountains for their students. I know this because many of mine did for me. Hear the story of their love for me, their passion for their work, and their impact on my life as a student and educator. Finally, I got to grade them like they did me all those years. Listen carefully as I explain why they all got an F.




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