Pre-Conference Workshop - Southeastern Conference



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Join us for some great pre-conference education and networking!

Pre-Conference Workshop

Monday, September 23, 2019 - 9:00am to 2:00pm

Spend the day with enterprising camp professionals.  The pre-conference workshop will feature an intensive master class in an intimate setting.  

$75 members, $100 non-members additional fee for this pre-conference event.  Register Here Lunch is included

Jolly Corley will lead a timely and relevant workshop on how to build the best staff culture for engagement, performance and retention.

Empowering Staff to Create the Culture Your Camp Craves


Millennials & Gen Z want transparency, collaboration, work-life balance and leadership opportunities.  You will be given the opportunity to consider ways to recruit, hire and invest the time and energy required to give the best, and in turn received the best out of your staff, while keeping the needs of potential staff and camp at the forefront. Staff who are thoughtful, engaged and invested in the entire camp culture provide campers with an environment in which to thrive and grow.

Jolly Corley 

Jolly Corley, M.S. works with 150 university students each summer.  She has been involved in the camping industry in the mid-west and New England for over 20 years.  The past 15 years have been spent developing emerging leaders in camping through staff development.  Jolly has given workshops at the Mid-States ACA conference, ACA National Conference, camps and businesses across the USA.

Her undergraduate and graduate work revolved around leadership, group dynamics, experiential learning, philosophy and theatre.  Using games, theatre and life experiences Jolly prepares staff to understand that our own experiences are the most useful tools for reflection and growth toward a solid foundation to becoming leaders for life.