2017 ACA, Southeastern EPIC Winter Retreat

The WNC EPIC Winter Retreat is an opportunity to really DIG IN to your development as a camp professional. In this 3-day, 2-night retreat, we will explore the personal and professional competencies needed to be a good leader and learn how to develop them in ourselves. This will be a journey into authenticity and personal growth.  We will develop concrete plans of how to pass along what we learn to our teams and staff members back at camp. It's Bob Ditter, in the trenches, live and in person! Together with EPIC-to-EPIC discussions, the Winter Retreat will reinvigorate your off-season life at the half-way mark, and set you up for your best summer yet in 2018.

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Bob DitterBob Ditter


Bob Ditter is a well regarded child, adolescent and family therapist from Boston, Massachusetts. He is a nationally recognized trainer and consultant and works with organizations that work with young people. His clients have included Sea World, the Disney Channel, the Salvation Army, Girls Scouts of America, YMCA, American Camp Association, Jewish Community Centers, Camp Fire USA, Children’s Oncology Camps of America, the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, private and public schools and others. He has appeared on the “ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings,” “Good Morning America” and twice on NBC’s “The Today Show.” He has been quoted in The New York Times, Parent Magazine, the Ladies Home Journal, Money Magazine and USA Today. Sports Illustratedcalled him “…camping’s most articulate spokesman” because of his work with children’s summer camps since 1982. He has visited over 600 summer camps in the United States and has authored four books for camp professionals and 14 brand new training DVDs. He is best known in camp circles as the author of the popular column, “In the Trenches,” which has appeared regularly in Camping Magazine since 1987.


Bob will provide insight into the most current issues facing camp professionals

“Camp Leadership for the Next Generation”

Strong, charismatic camp directors have often been characterized by their confident action and their ability to take command of any given situation. In the new world of the Internet, social media and Millennials—a world where expertise and authority are not as revered as they were years ago—is this heroic leadership style still the most effective way to operate a camp? We tell our staff that we want them to be a team, but what leadership style is best for leading those teams? If camp is to be as inspiring to a new generation of young people it will have to seriously overhaul its leadership style. Come for a lively discussion and powerful information from someone who has been working with camp leaders for over 35 years.

“In the Trenches, Live!”

A coffee house-style informal Q & A with Bob Ditter”

What about that challenging parent call from last summer that keeps nagging at you? Or the quirky camper who troubled no one but never truly participated in activities? Or the counselor who on paper and in the interview was fantastic, but never seemed to blossom at camp? Or the family that has contacted you about their camper who last year was Jon and wants to come back a Joanna? We’ve created this open dialogue with Bob Ditter just for you!

The EPIC Winter Retreat is a not to be missed event!  Join us for a wonderful three days of learning, networking and gaining new insights from each other and our renowned expert, Bob Ditter.  Bob will join us to both instruct on the most current issues for camp professionals and participate in thoughtful discussions about the camping industry and our careers in youth development.  All are welcome!  We will cook together, take hikes, share our favorite camp activities, forge new friendships and strengthen existing bonds.

The retreat will be held at beautiful Camp Wabak in Marietta, SC, conveniently close to Asheville, NC, Greenville, SC and Spartanburg, SC.  We will start at 5:00pm on Thursday, November 30 and conclude at 2:00pm on Saturday, December 2.  Dress comfortably, this is a very casual affair.  Be prepared to share you big ideas as we have deep conversations and lots of lateral learning.

Space is limited.  Register early!