ACA, Southeastern Facilities Tour

November 3-4, 2016

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Camp Timber Ridge, Mableton, GA
Camp Meriwether, Luthersville, GA
Camp Viola, Lagrange, GA

Schedule at a glance

Thursday, November 3, 2016

  • 9:00am Meet at Camp Timber Ridge and car pool to Camp Meriwether
  • 10:00am Tour Camp Meriwether
  • 12:00pm Lunch at Camp Meriwether
  • 1:00pm “The Real Cost of Construction” John Simpson and Greg Copeland, Domokur Architects
  • 2:00pm Car pool to Camp Timber Ridge
  • 3:00pm Tour Camp Timber Ridge
  • 4:00pm “Great Camp Buildings” John Simpson and Greg Copeland, Domokur Architects
  • 6:00pm Drive into town for dinner
  • Overnight at Camp Timber Ridge

Friday, November 4, 2016

  • 8:00am Continental breakfast at Camp Timber Ridge
  • 9:00am Drive to Camp Viola
  • 10:00am Tour Camp Viola
  • 12:00pm Closing remarks

Tour Fantastic Facilities

Tour Camp Timber Ridge, Camp Meriwether and Camp Viola and learn about how they’ve improved their facilities for efficiency, functionality and cost savings.  Learn about the newest trends in equestrian care facilities.  Network with other heads of maintenance and site managers to share resources.  Enjoy the flexibility of our "hop-on" "hop-off" style.  Join or leave the tour where it is convenient for you.

Overnight Accommodations at Camp Timber Ridge

It is possible to stay at Camp Timber Ridge the night of November 3, 2016.  Choose "add lodging" during registration.  We will be in cabins with bunk beds so bring your sleeping bag, pillow, linens and towel.

Two great presentations

Learn the real cost of construction and what makes great camp buildings from John Simpson and Greg Copeland, Domokur Architects.

What is the Real Cost of Construction - PLEASE! 

Exploring the predictable and unexpected costs of Construction, and why a smart professional needs to know the truth!

A caliber professional must be realistic when it comes to costs associated with the entirety of a capital project, or risk being caught out by hidden or unanticipated expenses.   To be fair, the truth is rarely hidden – we sometimes just don’t want to believe it!  Come find out the truth, what to look for and how to ensure construction estimates tell the whole story – ensuring you looking smart (and the project is fully funded!).  Our camp design team will use practical examples from real project numbers, along with current construction data. Together we can answer the age old question – what is included and is the cost accurate?


  • To better understand the entire capital costs associated with small, medium or large projects. 
  • To understand the timeline from planning to construction documents to permits and construction.
  • To appreciate current trends in construction costs and appreciate which elements are included in estimates and which items are the owner’s responsibilities to budget.

Great Camp Buildings

We all know that "wow" feeling we get when we experience a truly magnificent building or space.  From cabins to dining halls (and everything in between) this presentation shares the best camp buildings we've seen over the years, both in terms of aesthetic and programmatic design. Having worked at over 450 camps, Domokur Architects shares personal experiences of what makes each building great, while encouraging the audience to share their experiences in a workshop-style presentation.