Awards in ACA, Southeastern

The Southeastern Region has awards which were established to honor member involvement on the local level. All members of the Southeastern Region have the right and are encouraged to nominate people for the following recognition awards.

Submission Deadline - August 30
Awardees and their organization will be informed prior to the award ceremony


The following awards are given at the Southeastern Fall Camp Conference each year:

Gay Byers Newcomer Award
Awarded for outstanding involvement in regional activities and/or decision making. Nominee must have been a member of our section for less than 10 years and demonstrate high professional standards.

Distinguished Service Award
For service to the region which is outstanding and above and beyond the expectations of the position held. Nominee must have served with honor on the Southeastern or Florida Section Board and been an ACA member for 10 or more years and continually demonstrate high professional standards. No more than three service awards shall be awarded in any given year.

Community Service Award
Awarded for outstanding contributions and/or support by local individuals or groups to the field of camping, local region or to the local community.  Nominated individuals or organizations do not necessarily need to be members of American Camp Association. No more than two community awards shall be awarded in any given year.

The following awards are given at the ACA, Southeastern Membership Meeting held at the ACA National Conference each year:

Appreciation Award
Awarded for outstanding contributions outside the region. This could be for service to more than one section or at the national level. Nominee should be a current ACA member who has been involved in the association for at least five years and who is making a significant contribution beyond the local level. No more than one appreciation award shall be awarded in any given year.

Examples of involvement might be, but are not limited to the following; joint projects; national conference involvement; regional educational event involvement; significant contribution to a national committee or task force.

Edie Klein Award For Program Excellence
The Edie Klein Award for Program Excellence is given in recognition of existing programs of an exceptional nature occurring at a camp or retreat center in the Southeast. To qualify, the program must have been in operation for at least one year. Membership in the American Camp Association is not required. No more than three excellence awards shall be awarded in any given year.

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