How Detailed Reporting Changes The Way You Run Camp

March 2, 2020
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It's no secret that many camp administrative teams struggle to find a comprehensive management solution that meets - and exceeds - all of their operational needs. As an industry leader for over 8 years, CampSite has been witness to many of the ways camps try to stay organized. From mountains of files and paperwork and tediously designed spreadsheets to one-off apps or platforms promising a quick fix, there is no doubt there is more than one way to run a camp.

Over time, though, systems that aren't built on a solid foundation begin to crumble. At best, camps start to realize that they need more. Their processes may be working, but they're not optimized, they take a lot of time to execute, and they leave a trail of loose ends behind them.  At worst, these camps are missing key components of an efficient management system and struggling to access information on their campers, programs, and operations when they need it.

The truth is that many camps have enough of a camp registration and management solution in place to keep their doors open year after year. As camp management experts, we don't think camps should have to settle for "good enough". Working alongside camp directors, we've created a comprehensive platform that doesn't just organize and store all of your most important data. We also give our camps ample opportunity to analyze, interact with, and build processes around that data through advanced and customizable reporting.

It's a game-changer. Every CampSite user has access to our robust reporting features across the dashboard. Effective reporting dramatically reduces the efforts of administrative teams, informs better decision-making, and assists in optimizing processes. Read on to see how detailed reporting can work across various camp operations to change the way you run camp!


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Camper Reports

Every camp administrative team benefits from a quick and easy way to see detailed camper information. In many cases, authorized staff members can make use of a large selection of fields and filters to customize camper reports according to their needs.

Attendance reporting makes it easy for camp admin to track arriving and departing camper check-ins. Staff can pull attendance reports that cover a date range or focus on a particular day. From there, they can sort results based on whether they want to see campers who were on-time, late, or absent altogether. They also have the option to narrow results by division or bunk.

If your camp offers enrollment extras alongside camp registration, such as a specialized extracurricular activity hour, a customized report will show you which campers signed up for which extras. This information, although straightforward, can aid your team in planning sessions when determining future course offerings.

For a high-level overview, a comprehensive camper enrollment report might include information such as camper age and grade level, session enrollment, bunking assignment, authorized guardians, whether or not the camper has permission to check themselves in and out of camp, their t-shirt size, session goals, and even whether or not they have any siblings or friends attending camp.

In addition to the insight camps get on their current session enrollment, camper reports are also useful for tracking trends in enrollment and registration over time. Camps can then use that information to enhance their programs to best suit their campers' needs.


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Medical Reports

When it comes to camper medical care, there's no room to cut corners. With an advanced reporting system, camps can pull important and life-saving medical reports to inform their health teams and ensure they're prepared to deliver the highest quality of care. Because all of our reports are customizable, camps have the liberty of prioritizing the information that will help their medical operations most.

For instance, a camp may create and print out a roster of campers whose parents have approved the administration of over-the-counter medications. Another camp may need to see which campers have food allergies, and of what variety, so they can properly plan their meals. Health staff can develop proactive care plans by familiarizing themselves with campers' medical histories, daily medications, and immunization records ahead of time. Medical reporting and permissions are only accessible to authorized users in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.


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Staff Reports

Robust reporting isn't just reserved for camper profiles. Administrators and directors will benefit from advanced staff reporting, too. Increase organization and accuracy within your human resources efforts by adding a layer of transparency to your hiring funnel. Just as with campers, camp admin can sort through great amounts of staff data by applying filters that narrow results based on employment status, hire date, sessions worked, age, citizenship, salary, and more.

Staff reporting removes the headache that often accompanies the hiring, training, and assigning of team members to various roles. Intuitive reports offer management teams a high-level yet informative glimpse into staff operations - whether daily, weekly, or monthly.


Change the Game with Financial Reporting

Financial Reports

Comprehensive financial reporting is a useful and necessary tool that no administrative team should be doing without. Aside from the stress that comes with unorganized finances, it's impossible to establish a clear view of your camp's overall health without accurate financial reporting. With a comprehensive financial suite of reports, administrators move away from guesstimating figures and revenue toward making educated plans to ensure their camp's financial success.

Reconciliation reports are crucial to ensuring that projected figures match actual figures. Camps can easily track financial records like expenses, transactions, debits, and credits to their accounts to get a detailed revenue report. Accurate revenue reporting is key when it comes to strategizing for your camp's financial future and tracking trends year-over-year.

In addition to high-level reconciliation and revenue reporting, camps should also be curious about the goings-on of day-to-day transactions. Gateway reports can inform staff about the number of credit card transactions on the registration side that were successful, declined, or denied due to expiration. Admin users can also filter transaction reports by a specific session or unique event. They can also easily see which campers have been sent past-due notices as well as invoices that haven't yet been generated. It's not unusual for a lack of updated, real-time financial information to cause stress for those admins in charge of the financial department. With a comprehensive financial reporting tool, camps can say goodbye to convoluted, intricate spreadsheets that leave room for error through rushed manual updates. Accurate reporting is just a few clicks away!

When it comes to camp management software, there are certainly features and functions more thrilling than reporting. However, few make as significant an impact when it comes to making educated and effective decisions about your camps' operations. Consider it the secret intelligence behind forward-facing processes such as online registration, attendance tracking, billing, and camper management. With access to organized and accurate data, camps' management efforts become a lot less reactive and much more intentional. How might accurate, detailed reporting change the way you run camp?

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