Topic Snapshot - Spring Leadership Conference 2020

Andrew Balendy

The Emergency Mindset – How to be Prepared for the Unpreparable


Joel Bennett

Take a Deep Breath - What's Next? Sharing Strategies for Post-Summer Debrief and Next Season Planning

Cultivating an Engaged Summer Team


Joel Bennett, Jessica and Kayla Weissbuch and Joyce Knoll

Nonprofit Camps Roundtable


Lee Biear

How to Make Millennial Moms Your Biggest Champions

Promoting the Camp Fever All Year Round!

Demystifying Google Analytics


Marianne Bird, Keith Nathaniel and Nate Caeton

Helping Staff Understand and Embrace Camp Evaluation Data


Michele Branconier

Ask the Pros – Experienced Camp Directors Share Lessons

Managing Crisis at Camp – Learning From Those Who Have Been There


Jacki Breger

CAMP SINGING:  Protecting an Endangered Species


Dave Brown

From “Staff Appreciation” to Real Motivation


Dr. Laurie Browne

Impact Study Report Out

Brutal Truths About Staffing

Program Quality Resources


Bria Cartwright

But We’ve Always Done It That Way!  Leading a Successful Culture or Programmatic Change at Your Camp

Are We Part of the Problem? How Camp May Reinforce Gender Bias and How We Might Make Positive Change


Daniel Chacon

Bullying! Does a Physical Differences Increase the Risk?


Amsalé Darden

Lock & Key Communication - "Unlocking the Key"


Kennerly de Forest

Challenge Course In-House Inspections and Periodic Monitoring - WHAT?!


Kelly Espinosa

Unwritten Rules-Is Everyone Included?

Fishin' For Fresh Ideas


Marsha Gleit

Keeping Camps Full of Engaged Campers and Enthusiastic Counselors


Kenita Gonzales

Breathing….Am I Doing This Right?


Sean Haggerty

Supervising Peers. Managing Friendships. Providing Feedback


John Hamilton

What is Trauma-Informed Care in a Camp Setting and Why Does it Matter?


Jeremy Hamlet

Creating the Camp Experience in a Day Camp Setting


Patrick Hardy

Is Your Camp Ready for a Disaster?


Melanie Hong and Ron Eckert

How to Make Bagels: A Recipe for Staff Culture


Dr. Kelly Jones

Everyday Mental Health at Camp


Dr. Kelly Jones and Samantha Townley

Using the Five Love Languages to Connect with Campers and Staff


Norman Jones

Discover the Rhythm of Your Staff and Elevate the Experience of Your Campers


Stuart Jones

Presenting 101 - Skills and Techniques to Improve Your Public Speaking Ability


Kevin Killgore

We Should Have a Job for This!  Adding a Behavioral Specialist to Your Camp Staff


Sara Kuljis

Build Staff Engagement & Retention By Intentionally Meeting Their Emotional Needs


Mikey Latner and Dr. Baila Drucker

Disaster Strikes, Camps Respond: How Camp Directors Can Foster Resilience In Their Communities After Disaster


Leslie Lowes

Journey to Mars! NASA Activities to Launch Your Program


Byron Lutz

Beyond the Pie Chart: Finding and Visualizing Your Camp’s Data


Marah Lyvers

Meeting the Needs of Participants on the Autism Spectrum


Virginia McCardy

Inclusion In The Dining Hall


Colby McElrath

We Millennials Get a Bad Rap! Paving Our Future Together in Spite of the Millennial Reputation

Emotional Intelligence in the Camp Setting


Tristan Miller-Mansey and Eve Simmons

Endangered Species Provide a Powerful Way to Teach About Conservation

Climate Impacts Us All: Weather Tells the Story


Laura Moede

Hearts and Crafts: Fall Back in Love with Making


Andrew Moeschberger

Finding Successful Ways to Communicate With Families Year Round


Erin Moses

A New Face in a Strange Place - How to Facilitate Positive Change to a New Environment


Yatiel Owens

Are We a Trauma Informed Camp?


Nick Redinger

California Aerial Adventure/ Challenge Courses – An Industry Update


Rachel Rosen

Using SPARK to Grow Empathy and Improve Communication


Ryan Rosen

Waterfront Safety


Nicholas Selway

Camp in the 21st Century: A Story on How Technology Made Camp Better

Translating Camp to Teachers: Making the Pitch for Outdoor Ed Groups


Rohan Shanani

Asking Better Questions


Stephen Smigielski

Don't Be a Targaryen! How to Build and Maintain the Wheel of Wellness at Your Camp

Build Your Bag of Tricks, Games That Take a Minute to Learn but Can Last an Hour

Debrief or Snooze Fest? The Art of Active Debriefing


Daniel Tobin

I need 3-4 Volunteers Please!: Creating a Culture of Role Plays and Demonstrations in Staff Training


Katherine Van Sickle

Trust Me!


Koine’ Wallace

One SICK Summer” – Preventive Infection Control for Camp Communicable Diseases


Jessica Weissbuch & Kayla Weissbuch

Trans Two: The Next Level

LGBTQ Camper and Staff: Questions, Answers and Solutions


Jansen Wendlandt

Are you Harnessing the Full Power of Your Website?


Chris Weyant-Forbes

Queering the Outdoors: LGBTQ Ally Training for Outdoor Recreation Professionals


Kassandra Wilsey, Ariel Abt, Liz Kimmelman

Day Camp Roundtable


Eric Wittenberg

Which Type of Camp Leader Will You Be?


Jake Young

How To Make Your Camp #Trending