Become a Visitor

Visitors posing for photo

    Visitors are the heart and soul of the ACA accreditation program! Without them, we would be unable to implement the accreditation program. Please review the qualifications and responsibilities before applying.

    ACA standards visitors believe the benefits they receive by far exceed the investment they make in time to train for and visit camps.  Spread the word and share this flyer — this is your chance at the best professional development ever!

    Visitor Benefits

    A Chance to Learn

    • During your training, you will build a network of other camp pros and polish your skills of observation and open-ended questions. Develop into the mentor you always wished you had!
    • You may read about programming in Camping Magazine and even listen to a colleague explain how a program works, but the value of seeing other programs in operation is unmatched.
    • You will see first-hand how other camps accomplish their missions and reach their goals. See how they make it work in day-to-day operations.
    • Get tips and ideas you can use in your own camp.

    A Chance to Share

    • Our campers deserve the best. ACA is dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults through the camp experience. When you help more camps maintain their accreditation or become accredited, you play a significant part in fulfilling our ACA mission.
    • It's a way to give something back. You have learned so much about how to operate a quality camp through the accreditation program, now you have a way to make sure that others can have the same chance for knowledge and growth that you have had.

    A Chance to Save Money

    Start the Process

    • Review the ACA Associate Visitor/Visitor Service Description
    • Be a current ACA individual member.
    • Complete the current year Accreditation Process Workshop 
    • Acknowledge and accept the Conflict of Interest Statement for ACA Standards Volunteers (see service description).
    • Complete and submit an Associate Visitor Application. The application must first be approved by local standards chair, prior to registering for the Associate Visitor Course.
    • Please complete the above steps at least 3 weeks prior to any Associate Visitor Course.
    • Successfully complete all portions of the Associate Visitor Course. This course includes a 2-hour online pre-requisite as well as a multi day virtual course. 
    • Upon completion of the course, instructor recommendation, and local leadership approval, applicants will be ready to serve as Associate Visitors.

    To find an Associate Visitors Course near you or to learn more, contact one of the team members below for more information or check the upcoming events calendar:

    Tori Barnes, Standards Manager – Western Region

    Abby Burbank Standards Manager – Central Region

    Brandie Le Clair, Standards Manager – Eastern Region

    Kyle Medeiros, Senior Director of Member Services – ACA, New York & New Jersey

    Elizabeth Snell, Director of Accreditation Services – ACA, New England

    Kim Steiner, Membership & Program Services Manager – ACA, Illinois