Benefits for ACA-Accredited Camps

15 Benefits for Accredited Camps

1. Continual pipeline of expert advice
Experts like the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, et al, continually work with ACA to improve our camp standards program. ACA accreditation expands the expertise of a program's  board of advisers. Additionally, a  camp can have access to experts in risk management, child development, aquatics, and health care to name a few.

2. Round-the-clock reassurance
All summer long ACA-accredited camps have access to a Crisis Hotline. ACA trained staff work to provide options in a serious situation and offer support throughout.

3. Encouragement and mentoring
The standards process provides encouragement. Seasoned standards instructors and visitors as peers offer their own personal experience with ACA accreditation. They want you to succeed. Meeting standards is a process of continual learning and encouragement from initial training through the standards visit.

4. Risk management
The accreditation process equips you to identify and manage your specific risk areas, evaluate your practices, and establish critical thinking for you and your staff. ACA's widely accepted standards measure the camp's performance against identified best practices.

5. Savings on staff training
Accredited camps receive discounts on most educational events and ACA Bookstore items, and enjoy open charge account privileges. Many ACA training opportunities offer reduced prices for your entire staff.

6. Exclusive business discounts
ACA has negotiated special rates for accredited camps on a variety of essential business services. Credit card processing, staff recruitment services, long distance, pre-paid phone cards, and more. Many camps recoup their investment in service fees.

7. Ready-made template for quality
Parent expectations are high. They expect you to reach far beyond minimum requirements. The ACA Accreditation program offers an on-going tutorial in best practices.

8. Up to date knowledge
Ready-to-use knowledge on crucial issues like employment law, vehicle safety, camper violence, foreign registered nurses, and staff screening is available now. Plus, nearly every month you can receive either Camping Magazine or CampLine.

9. A public policy presence in Washington, D.C.
ACA's public policy agenda is focused on ensuring the safety of the children and adults involved in camp experiences; while at the same time, working to gain recognition with lawmakers that the camp experience is an important part of the year-round education of children.

10. Millions heard the camp story!
ACA's public awareness campaigns have paid off big. Through viral video, print advertisements, outdoor advertising, and cinematic advertising, millions of families nationwide have learned how lives can be changed Because of Camp...®.

11. Dynamic staff services
Job openings can be listed in the Summer Jobs @ Camp and in the Year Round Jobs @ Camp year-round job service. Thousands of job seekers look at these services each month.

12. ACA's Camp Database visited by families
ACA's Web site averages over 50,000 visitors each month and our ACA Camp Database features only ACA-accredited camps. Not only do families trust these camps, they can also find many ways to search for the ideal camp experience.

13. Use of ACA's trusted mark
The ACA-accredited sign is backed by fifty years of parent trust. This sign acknowledges parent concerns and provides proof positive of your accountability, credibility, and commitment.

14. A network of other professionals
Camp professionals come together in person at local meetings, regional and national training events. ACA members can network, ask questions, join conversations, share documents, ideas, and expertise with peers via ACA  Connect, your online community.

15. More staff training with less of your time
You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Ensuring excellence can require weeks of one-on-one training. The accreditation process is a powerful substitute for a good portion of this personal training time. Accreditation is a disciplined management style that results in professional integrity and quality.