Preparing for a Visit

What Can I Expect When My Camp is Visited?

  • Remember that you are required to submit the camp's Written Documentation Review, which consists of 26 pre-identified standards, by May 1. The written documentation for these standards must be reviewed by the visit team prior to the on-site visit.
  • A team of standards visitors will be assigned to conduct the visit. Visitors are volunteers who have backgrounds in camp administration and have been trained and mentored for this role.
  • You and the lead visitor will work together to select a mutually convenient day for the on-site visit. Schedule the visit on a typical program day (i.e., not the opening or closing day of a camp session; not a day when most of the campers are out of camp).
  • Expect that the visit will take the entire day. Plan to spend this day with your visitors.
  • The visit usually begins with a tour of your camp facilities and programs. On the tour, visitors will want to observe living areas for campers, groups, and staff; food preparation and dining areas; aquatic & specialized activity areas; program areas; healthcare areas; as well as maintenance and fuel storage areas.
  • During the tour, visitors should have the opportunity to talk with staff and campers and to observe program activities in action.
  • In addition to the tour, the visitors will meet with the camp director(s) to review written documentation and to determine compliance with each standard that applies to the camp and will score the standards based on observations at the time of the visit.
  • When the visit and scoring are complete, the visitors will mail the score form directly to ACA, Inc. for scoring.
  • A camp visited in the summer will be notified of the results of the visit no later than November 10. Camps visited at other times of the year will be notified between six and eight weeks following receipt of the score form at ACA, Inc.

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* Indicates Mandatory Standard.  First standard number = v. 2012, second standard number = v. 2019.