Preparing for a Visit

What Can I Expect When My Camp is Visited?

  • You can expect to have multiple Standards Visitors ("visitors").  Visitors are volunteers who have backgrounds in camp administration and have completed 21 hours of training. Additionally, they have completed an "apprenticeship" with an experienced visitor.
  • You and the lead visitor will work to select a day for the visit.
  • Your local section will schedule your visit at a convenient time for the camp and the visitors on a typical program day (not the opening or closing day of a camp session).
  • Some camps schedule a written documentation review with one of your visitors. Many camps going through accreditation for the first time have benefited from the written documentation review.
  • Expect that the visit will take the entire day.
  • The visit usually begins with a tour of your camp facilities and programs. Visitors will observe living areas including sleeping accommodations for campers, groups, and staff; food preparation and dining areas; aquatic activity areas; health care areas; garbage and rubbish disposal areas; maintenance and fuel storage areas; and activity areas.
  • During the observation, visitors should have the opportunity to interview staff and campers and observe program activities in action.
  • After the tour, the visitors will meet with the camp director to determine compliance with each standard that applies to the camp.
  • Written documentation required by the standards may be evaluated prior to the on-site visit or may be observed by the visitors at this time.
  • The visitors will score the standards based on compliance as observed at the time of the visit.
  • When the visit is complete, the visitors will mail the score form directly to the ACA national office for scoring.
  • Camps visited in the summer will be notified of the results of the visit no later than November 10. Camps visited at other times of the year will be notified between six and eight weeks following the receipt of the score form at the national office.

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