My Accreditation

My Accreditation is an online tool for ACA Camps who are preparing their documents for an on-site visit, wanting to upload and store documents and access a PDF of the of ACA standards. My Accreditation is not required to be used for the submission of written documentation and is an optional organizational tool.

My Accreditation v. 2019

My Accreditation v. 2019:

  • The standards in this version are effective as of the 2019 season. A PDF of the 2019 standards are available from this site.
  • If your camp will be visited in 2020, you will not have access until fall 2019.

My Accreditation v. 2012

My Accreditation v. 2012: To be used to access the 2012 version of the ACA standards, access documents previously uploaded, and check perceived compliance of the standards under which you were last visited.  This tool is not to be used for visits occurring in 2019 or beyond. Camps follow the standards used for their most recent visit until visited again.