My Accreditation - Uploading Documents

You are able to upload documents to standards requiring written documentation to show compliance - including those that are part of your self-assessment review.


  1. Saving as PDF files are best, but Word, Excel, etc. documents are okay too.
  2. In the file name, use dashes or underscores instead of spaces.
  3. In the file name, don't use special characters such as: / \ # @ % * & , " ( )


  • To minimize software compatibility issues between visitors and camps, we recommend you save your documents as PDF files before uploading.
  • It is also possible to add a URL to the file repository comments box  to direct your visitor to a document.  To use this feature you must begin the URL with http:// or https:// or the link will not work.
  • For nearly all people, Internet upload speeds are much slower than download speeds. If you get a timeout message while uploading a file, check the file size of the document and your upload speed.

Naming Conventions (protocols)  for Standards Documents
It is important that you follow some basic "rules" in naming your documents for uploading:

  • Use no spaces between words.  However dashes "-" and underscores "_" are permissible (still with no spaces).   You are also allowed to squish the words together with no spaces or names such as: DishwashingProcedures, or PermissionToTreat.   You can also use combinations of "-" and no spaces like permission-to-treat, or "-", "_", and squished together like HW9permission_To-Treat. 
  • Don't use symbols or special characters in filenames including / \ # @ % * & , " ( )

Are Your Documents Visit Friendly?  
Visit friendly documents make it easy for the visitors to find the pertinent information in a document.  This is especially important for lengthy documents that contain many standards related elements, often from more than one standard.

Visit friendly documents have some type of visible indicators and labels that will specify the correct standard and its pertinent detail. Use highlighting, different color fonts, bold, underline and italicized text. Or hand-mark a document and scan it and save it.

Taking the time to mark-up your documents to illustrate the standards elements will make for a much smoother and efficient visit AND will help you know you are as prepared as you can be before the big day.