Communicating with Your Camp Families, Staff, and Alumni during COVID-19

With the spread of the Coronavirus, there are many unknowns, but during this crucial time, it is imperative for camps to provide relevant communication messages that are carefully planned, timed and delivered. It is critical that you get ahead of the issue before any negativity starts to spread. Cheryl Goldstein, founder of Campfire Creative Marketing, will provide you with detailed information on how to face this challenge and stay in touch with your camp community during this crisis.

1. How will your camp benefit from you attending this program? Get ahead of the rumor mill and lessen the negative impact. Learn how to communicate with current and potential families during this time of uncertainty.

2. How does your career benefit from you attending this program: Camp experts will learn how to handle critical situations from a marketing perspective, and then they will be able to apply these skills in the future. Discover how important consistent messaging is year-round, and how you must rely on these messages during troubled times.

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Cheryl Goldstein