COVID-19 & Aquatics – Exploring Impact & Changes for Summer 2020

COVID-19 is greatly impacting how camps operate, including the waterfront. This webinar will discuss changes that have already been shared, as well as potential forthcoming requirements that may impact how we train lifeguards, provide Guards and other first responders with the needed PPE, and how are Emergency Action Plans (EAPS) for the waterfront/pool may need to be adapted.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learners will understand the dynamics of guard training/certifications for 2020, given potential shorter training times and any new/updated expectations for Guards.
  • Learners will gain information regarding updated PPE requirements for Guards
  • Learners will gain information regarding EAPs and how COVID-19 may impact this process
  • Learners will understand expectations regarding cleaning & disinfecting aquatics equipment and supplies (PFDs, goggles, boats, etc.)

Presenter Bios:

Tonya Roy | Chief Consulting Officer – Tonya Roy is the Chief Consulting Officer for The Redwoods Group leading the Consulting Team in our work with youth-serving organizations. Joining Redwoods in 2008, she has served as a Risk Consultant and later Regional Consulting Director for youth-serving organizations across the country, mainly in the Northeast, West, and Florida. She earned her Certified Risk Manager designation in 2012. Prior to joining Redwoods, she was employed for 16 years with The YMCA of the Triangle Area, NC, in a variety of leadership roles, including Executive Director and Associate Executive Director of Aquatics, Membership, Fitness; and Associate Executive of Youth Programs.

Gareth Hedges, Founder, H2O Safety Consulting – Gareth advises aquatic facilities nationwide, including YMCAs, camps, municipalities, and water parks. Gareth has trained thousands of aquatics professionals and has presented at safety conferences nationally and internationally.  Prior to founding H2O Safety, Gareth served as President of The Redwoods Group, a mission-driven insurance company focused on child safety. In his 16 years with Redwoods, Gareth has served as Chief Claims Officer, General Counsel, Director of Consulting, and as a Risk Management Specialist in Aquatic and Child Safety. Gareth currently serves as the Chair for the Darkness to Light Board of Directors and is a member of the Board for Habitat for Humanity of Durham. Gareth received a BS in Public Policy from Georgia Tech in 2003, and a JD from Albany Law School in 2009. He is licensed to practice law in North Carolina and New York.


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Tonya Roy, Gareth Hedges