COVID-19 Southeastern Forum

Join an online forum with other camp professionals to discuss questions being faced in this unprecedented global situation of COVID- 19.  This is an opportunity to talk it out.  

The purpose is to help camps identify potential questions, share resources to guide decisions, and share information from government agencies in four major areas  

  • staffing and camper recruitment 

  • interaction with government agencies 

  • insurance 

  • camp operation 


There will be subject matter professionals on the call who can help understand the challenges and the consequences of action or inaction.  We will not be providing all the answers but rather helping camps to locate where to find the answers. 

These questions are not about health care policies.  ACA is offering other webinars to explore those specific issues.  



Summer Faircloth, Kim Keith, Rachel Satinsky, Sam Roberts, Katie Johnson, Mac Kendall, Kelley Freridge, Bob Ditter



Presenter Bio(s)

Emergency Services & Public Health: Summer Faircloth and Kim Keith, Director of Program Risk - Youth Development 

Staffing, Employment Law, HR Specialists: Rachel Fendell Satinsky, Littler 

J1 Visa: Sam Roberts, Camp America 

Insurance: Katie Johnson & Mac Kendall, Redwoods Group  

Communication & Marketing: Kelley Freridge, ACA 

Wellness & MESH: Bob Ditter