Late Summer Camp Season 2020 – Lessons Learned at Camp and Q&A

During the Q&A we will explore how summer 2020 learning lessons will inform fall programs and begin to shape summer 2021. We’ll also appeal to camp directors to participate in the post-summer surveys from ACA for a better/balanced view of the camp experience with COVID-19. Their participation is key for a more balanced view of the camp experience beyond the media accounts of the camps with outbreaks.

This webinar is only open to camp professionals. At the time of registration, you must include your organization and job title for your registration to be approved. 

Presenter Bios:

Laura Blaisdell, MD/MPH, FAAP

Dr. Blaisdell, MD/MPH, FAAP is a pediatrician, researcher and advocate.  For 20 years, she has consulted in camp medicine, while serving as Medical Director at Camp Winnebago. She currently is Vice President of Maine AAP and a founding member of Maine Families for Vaccines. Dr. Blaisdell researches parental vaccine hesitation with Maine Medical Center. Additionally, she served site director for the National Children’s Study, as Chair of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at MMC, as Chief of Pediatrics at InterMed, and currently is Trustee to Mercy Hospital in Portland. She is an Assistant Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine.

She resides in South Portland, ME with her two sons and husband, Andy Lilienthal.

Tracey Gaslin PhD, CPNP, FNP-BC, CRNI, RN-BC
A professor and dual certified nurse practitioner in pediatrics and adults.  She completed her PhD in Educational and Organizational Leadership and taught for 10 years specializing in camp nursing, service leadership, and hematology. Dr. Gaslin periodically works as a camp consultant and legal consultant and publishes the majority of her work in the areas of bleeding disorders, camp nursing, and leadership.

Dr. Gaslin served as the Medical Director at a special needs camp for six years.  She currently serves as a Hemophilia Nurse Practitioner and the Executive Director for the Association of Camp Nursing where she travels to different areas of the US and Canada educating healthcare providers about camp health.

David Shore — Senior Scientist, Market Executive — Healthcare 
Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc.

David has a strong background in the healthcare environment and in-depth understanding of its dynamic operations and constantly evolving needs to keep pace with advances in medicine and technology to ensure the highest level of patient care. David and EH&E’s healthcare practice team have worked closely with many hospitals and healthcare systems to help them structure their facility management and compliance programs for optimal performance to minimize liability, maximize resources, and improve patient outcomes.

His extensive experience has given him keen insight into the healthcare industry. As former director of safety and security for a three-hospital system, when it comes to tackling engineering and environmental health challenges in the healthcare environment, David knows what strategies are proven successful. This insight is a great benefit to his clients and David helps them apply these lessons to their own institutions for faster problem resolution and more successful outcomes. Complementing his professional pursuits, David is a child safety advocate supporting federal agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD). David is a frequent speaker and lecturer on workplace and home safety and sustainability at professional organizations and community organizations.

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