Southeastern Virtual Camp Roundtable

Join our ACA, Southeastern leadership, and a panel of experienced virtual presenters, instructors, and thinkers. Bring your questions on technology, virtual risk management, staff training, and programming. Together, we will navigate the virtual challenges facing camps today.  



Kim Aycock, Angela Brisson, Caroline Graff, Dave Herpy, Jason LeVasseur, Deanna Ludwick, David Rouse, Emily Riedel, Jennifer Selke, Kat Shreve, Teresa Tucker

Presenter Bio(s)

Kim Aycock - ACA, Southeastern LCOL Chair

Kim conducts virtual camp staff training and monthly/ongoing seasonal staff meetings, teaches online masterclasses, organizes virtual campfire gatherings for campers & staff, tutors students using Zoom, and co-chaired and facilitated Camp 4U Remix (online staff training event over the course of 2 weeks).

Angela Brisson - North Carolina State University

Angela focuses on marketing and fundraising to support our state-wide 4-H Camping program. She also, oversee facilities projects at our camps. We have three camps and centers, located in Reidsville, Ellerbe, and Columbia, North Carolina respectively.

Caroline Graff - Camp Kudzu

Caroline is an Atlanta native, musical lover, and new-found gardener. I just finished my fifth year of teaching chorus at a middle school in Alpharetta, Georgia. I love using technology in my classroom and try to keep things current. At the end of this school year though, I became best friends with technology when we started teaching school completely online. As a teacher with my summers free, I am so lucky that I get to volunteer with two different summer camps. I have been involved with Camp Kudzu, a camp for kids living with Type 1 Diabetes, for 19 years as a camper and now volunteer. I also have worked with Camp Hope for 12 years, a camp for kids who have a parent that is incarcerated. I am excited to share anything and everything I learned during the craziness that was #OnlineSchool2020 and how we can relate it to camp!

Dave Herpy - North Carolina State University

Dave is NC 4-H Camping Specialist for NC State Extension and Adjunct Lecturer for Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management at NC State University.  He has over 23 years of experience working with summer camps as a camp counselor, camp director, and camping specialist in non-profit, municipal, and university settings.  Although he does not have a ton of experience developing virtual programming, he has quickly adapted over the past few months by helping with the NC 4-H Summer 2020 Camp Out virtual camp and transitioning his parks and recreation leadership class to fully online this spring semester using Moodle and Zoom as platforms for content delivery.

Deb Jordan - East Carolina University

Deb Jordan, ReD, is a professor at East Carolina University and speaks and writes about topics of interest to camps and other entities on a wide range of topics. She also serves as the Standards Co-Chair for the Southeast Local Council of Leaders, contributes to Camping Magazine, presents webinars, and is co-chair of the ACA Project Real Job Committee.

Jason LeVasseur - The Rockstar Project

Jason is a leadership development speaker, workshop facilitator, summer camp program director, and a touring musician. He has received 19 awards in the music industry and has performed with John Mayer, Train, Dave Matthews, and Maroon 5. Since March 15th he has facilitated and hosted over 75 virtual events, been a guest panelist on 9 virtual event webinars, attended 11 virtual engagement workshops for his own professional development.

Deanna Ludwick - ACA, Southeastern Professional Dev. Chair

David Rouse - Asbury Hills

David has 20+ years of experience in camping ministry and is passionate about serving all people for Christian birth, growth, and renewal. His family includes his beautiful wife Susan and two children: Kassidy and Scott.

Emily Riedel - TIC Camp

Emily began her career with TIC in 1989, working for six of the best summers of her life. After 15 years of non-profit and corporate marketing, she realized camp was the best and only job she ever loved and joined the year-round team in 2008, officially becoming the owner in 2012. As featured in Washingtonian magazine, TIC Summer Camp has offered a mind/body balance of technology and sports for nearly four decades but quickly realized the pandemic was going to threaten the safety and quality of in-person camp in 2020. TIC quickly pivoted and began the endeavor of re-creating camp in a virtual environment in mid-March. With 3 year-round staff, 5 volunteers, and a lot of late nights, TIC was able to offer a free, two-week pilot of an online camp in April. Camp OptimisTIC was born and now has 38 staff and 8 full weeks of virtual camp scheduled for 2020 (of which 2 are already completely full!) Camp OptimisTICs mission is to create a virtual space where campers and staff can share their passions; learn, connect and engage with each other; and use collaboration to create something meaningful. As featured on the Youth Development Pro podcast, Emily is happy to share her story to help other camps and small businesses succeed!

Jennifer Selke - Camp Southern Ground (Moderator)

Jennifer Selke has been teaching adults online for about fifteen years. Most of her classes are related to social media and productivity. 

Kat Shreve - Camp Kudzu

Kat and her team at Camp Kudzu are offering 4 1-week sessions of Camp KudZoom (see what we did there?) this summer at no cost to their community of campers living with insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes.  The first day of CampKuZoom was June 1st and is a series of real-time and prerecorded segments.  All campers receive a unique to them Summer P.A.C.K. prior to attending Camp KudZoom.

Teresa Tucker - Clemson University

Teresa is a lecturer and coordinator of the EDGE program in the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management.