Virtual Camp Roundtable (ACA, Southeastern)

Join our ACA, Southeastern leadership, and a panel of experienced virtual presenters, instructors, and thinkers. Bring your questions on technology, virtual risk management, staff training, and programming. Together, we will navigate the virtual challenges facing camps today.


  • Kim Aycock - ACA, Southeastern LCOL Chair
  • Angela Brisson - North Carolina State University
  • Caroline Graff - Camp Kudzu
  • Dave Herpy - North Carolina State University
  • Deb Jordan - East Carolina University
  • Jason LeVasseur - The Rockstar Project
  • Deanna Ludwick - ACA, Southeastern Professional Dev. Chair
  • David Rouse - Asbury Hills
  • Emily Riedel - TIC Camp
  • Jennifer Selke - Camp Southern Ground (Moderator)
  • Kat Shreve - Camp Kudzu
  • Teresa Tucker - Clemson University

Watch the Webinar