Camps and the Coronavirus

The safety and health of campers and staff is always the highest priority at camp, and camps have a long history of planning for and managing communicable diseases. With the potential spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) within the United States, now is an excellent time for camps to review and update health-related plans and procedures and communicate with your camp families and staff members.

Coronavirus Information for Camps


The Value of Accreditation

ACA’s accreditation standards focus on health, safety, and risk management, and are widely used as operational benchmarks by local, state, and federal government entities. ACA accreditation provides public evidence of a camp’s commitment to the overall well-being of both campers and staff.


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Camp jobs offer invaluable skill-building, leadership, training, and enrichment opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else! Regardless of your college major, camp experiences allow you to learn and develop skills that will enhance your job marketability.

Work at Camp

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One Novel Coronavirus, Two Afflictions

The camp industry will need a manual for how to have camp in a pandemic. It’s a manual that will need updating and revising and the input of many collaborators. It can only happen if camp professionals practice the kind of character building we teach our campers on their way to being their best selves.

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Start A Camp - How ACA Can Help

ACA has a variety of excellent resources for information, inspiration, & encouragement.

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