ACA Webinar - MESH Proactive Camps: What Are Their Secrets?

Tuesday, 21 March 2017 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm

All times local.

Presenters: Linda Erceg and Tracey Gaslin

Are you challenged by mental, emotional and social health (MESH) needs of campers and staff? Would you like to add to your understanding and skills of this challenging topic? While wanting to be inclusive, camp professionals also balance the MESH capacity of their camp, the expertise of staff, and the nature of the camp’s program with the MESH needs of camp participants. Addressing this concern is a focus of the Healthy Camps Initiative. Led by two members of this group, the webinar highlights strategies identified by the initiative. If MESH concerns challenge your leadership, then this is for you!



Linda Erceg’s background as a camp nurse, risk manager, researcher and author, means that she brings expertise to discussions that “build out” topics in the Healthy Camps initiative, a group she currently chairs. Her sessions provide content and typically trigger lively discussions, especially around MESH. Linda’s passion for “Healthier Camping for All” means that camp professionals contribute to and benefit from her work. Expect to leave this presentation with information and tools to support the MESH needs of both your campers and staff.


Tracey Gaslin serves at the Executive Director of the Association of Camp Nurses. She researches and investigates the impact of adverse childhood events on growth and development of individuals which can create a variety of MESH challenges. Tracey enjoys discussions about health and wellness opportunities and methods to more effectively address and support individuals through the camp experience. This session will inspire participants to expand their understanding of child life experiences and how we may help marginalize negative effects on children’s MESH.

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