Webinar - Beyond Conference Calls - How to REALLY Collaborate Virtually

Monday, 30 March 2020 -
10:00am to 10:45am

All times local unless stated differently below.

At this point, most people know how to make a conference call and share a screen. But how do you turn a virtual meeting from death by PowerPoint into a truly collaborative experience? How do you make sure all voices are heard AND that you're actually making decisions as a group? How do you move from presentation from participation?

In this 45-min virtual meeting (not webinar), we'll harvest the knowledge in the room to answer tough questions, like:

  1. How might we make decisions transparently?
  2. How might we ensure everyone is engaged and fully present?
  3. How might we manage competing priorities and distractions?
  4. How might we build rapport and personal connection virtually?
  5. How might we ensure all voices are heard?

This will be a participatory discussion, not a presentation! You'll learn to collaborate virtually by doing just that. After the practice session, the facilitator, Brian Tarallo, will be available for office hours to answer any specific questions you have.



Registration Fees

Free - Registration required