A Counselor's Role in Healthcare

This course is designed especially for front-line camp counselors, to bring attention to the counselor's role in providing campers with a safe and healthy camp experience. No matter what role a counselor has at camp, he or she will be working with and around children. And while it may be exciting to teach crafts, swimming, or tiddlywinks, the bottom line for the parents who brought their children to camp and for your camp director is the safety and health of the campers.  Parents rely on camp staff to perform their job to a certain standard, and campers need staff to be prepared. Camp staff have a responsibility to conduct activities and supervise groups of campers in a manner that maintains, if not improves, the health of each individual.

By the end of this course learners will understand their role in:

  • Preventing “Staff Infection”– How to maintain their personal health and act as a role model for campers
  • Keeping Your Beauties from Becoming Beasts– How to help campers maintain their health and when to intervene
  • Being a Risk Manager– A counselor's “Duty to Act” and what that means.
Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN


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Presenter Bio(s)

Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, is the Associate Director of Health and Risk Management for Concordia Language Villages and Executive Director of the Association of Camp Nurses (ACN). She lives at camp in Bemidji, MN. An avid proponent of “healthier camping for all,” Erceg authored The Basics of Camp Nursing (2009) with Myra Pravda, has written and spoken extensively in the area of camp health and risk management, developed the seminar “Management of Camp Health Services,” and has been actively involved with the Healthy Camps research initiatives. Her formal education includes degrees in nursing, health education, psychology, and physical education. Linda’s ACA efforts include Chair of the Healthy Camp Education and Monitoring Program Advisory Committee, column author for Camping Magazine, being a Standards Visitor, activity in her Northland Section, a National Board term, and service on ACA’s CARE Committee.