Critical Things Staff Need to Know about Risk Management

This course helps staff working directly with children and youth think about their responsibility for making it a safe and enjoyable experience. This course will discuss the importance of the counselor’s role and responsibilities with children in their care.

By the end of this course learners will understand the importance of the role that:

  • Parents have entrusted you with
  • Children look to you for
  • Directors have hired you to do
  • You have accepted in risk management
  • Legally expected of you in providing the Standard of Care
  • You have been trained to do in an emergency

Course Length: 1 hour

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Connie Coutellier


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Presenter Bio(s)

Connie Coutellier is an international trainer, consultant, and author. She is a national field executive for Camp Fire USA and a past national president and director of professional development for the American Camp Association. A list of the books she has written includesCamp Is for the CamperDay Camp from Day OneManagement of Risks and Emergencies, andThe Outdoor Book. She has more than 15 years of experience as a day and resident camp director in four camps in the USA and one in Malaysia, and over 30years of experience in youth development and outdoor program administration training and development. She has written online training courses, assisted in the writing of the ACA Outdoor Living Skills books, and served as a consultant for both the development of the ACA’s Basic Camp Management book and the curriculum for the ACA and the International Camping Fellowship camp director courses.