Program Improvement Toolbox!

ACA’s Program Improvement Toolbox!

  • Want ideas and resources to help take your program to the next level of quality?
  • Want to incorporate positive youth development elements into your program?
  • Want to use a proven tool to assess and improve your program? 
  • Want to get staff to buy-in to improving your program?
  • Want to be able document your program outcomes?

Yes? Then this resource filled online toolbox is for you!!

ACA’s Program Improvement Toolbox has six modules that provides background on the characteristics of quality programs and positive youth development, lessons learned from the ACA Program Improvement Process, easy to use observation forms called the Camp Program Quality Assessment (C-PQA) that help identify and recognize exemplary staff behaviors and interactions, a way to collect and document information on how you are doing with your improvement process, and tips on how to use these resources as a part of your staff training. The end result is for you and your staff to know, apply, and document the desired skills and know-how that lead to quality programs!

The modules in the online toolbox are arranged in an order from a broad overview to more specific details and applications. These lessons are most helpful to administrators and staff who are interested in a program improvement process that builds on staff involvement and results in positive youth development outcomes. Working through these lessons will provide you with confidence in carrying out a self-assessment, designing an improvement process that best meets your needs, getting staff buy-in, and using assessment tools (C-PQA) for specific observations of interaction between staff and youth. We believe this toolbox provides you with all the resources you need to raise the quality of your programs even higher!

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