Risk Management for Your Camp and Staff Package

Risk management for a business (a camp) means so much more than participant safety and program rules and regulations. It is critical that risks be minimized so as to protect not only the investment of the owners and/or donors but also the good name and reputation of the camp as well as the health and safety of all participants.

Many organizations are ill-prepared to respond to a significant crisis or emergency, particularly situations that force a program or site to be closed or evacuated. Identifying risk at camp involves so much more than just making sure the lifeguards all have the appropriate credentials. Risk management involves everything from insuring that you have the financial resources to make it through the year to insuring that the well and water system is operating in a manner that prevents people from getting sick.

The five courses in this package will help directors, owners, administrators, and managers think about their responsibility for making camp a safe and enjoyable experience. They will discuss the importance of risk management and the ultimate responsibilities of the director.

Ultimately you will learn to:

  • Examine the tools to help you identify the risks you are assuming when you choose to operate a camp
  • Use a process to analyze the probability and impact of each risk exposure
  • Identify the appropriate responses to prevent, reduce, and control loss
  • Help staff working directly with children and youth think about their responsibility for making it a safe and enjoyable experience
  • Convey the importance of the counselor’s role and responsibilities with children in their care
  • Assess aquatics risk in their program
  • Apply fundamental and essential aquatics core management
  • Better manage, supervise, and train aquatics staff


Critical Things Staff Need to Know about Risk Management (Connie Coutellier) –1.0 CEC

Planning for Risk Management for Your Camp Online Course (Connie Coutellier) – 1.0 CEC

Recorded Webinar – Identify, Analyze, and Take Control of Your Risks (Connie Coutellier) – 1.5 CECs

Recorded Webinar – Crisis and Risk Management Strategies for Camps and Experiential Youth Programs (Ann McCollum) – 1.5 CEC

Recorded Webinar – Essentials in Aquatics Risk Management (Diane Tyrrell) – 1.5 CECs

Varied – See above


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