ACA Coffee Break Webinars - Evaluation Issues

Fall 2015 Coffee Break Series

Enjoy our new Coffee Break Webinars while you take that coffee or tea break! The Fall series consists of three 20 minute webinars focused on EVALUATIONS.

  • Tips on How To Ask Survey Questions  with Karla Henderson
  • How to Make an Infographic with Your Camp’s Data with Laurie Browne
  • No More Paper Surveys!  Using Mobile Devices for Collecting Data in Camp with Bob Barcelona

More Information About Each Event

Tips on How To Ask Survey Questions with Karla Henderson 
Asking questions is easy. We do it every day. But, asking questions that will provide useful information require careful thought. This webinar will examine the type of questions to ask such as whether you are interested in understanding behavior, attitudes, or knowledge and the best way to phrase questions to get reliable and valid data that can be applied to improving camp programs. We will show some good examples of questions as well as some tips on what NOT to do. Formats will be discussed to ensure that respondents participate in your data collection

How to Make an Infographic with Your Camp’s Data with Laurie Browne 
Infographics are a popular new way to share data- they are visually appealing, easy to read, and easily plugged into websites and social media.  In this webinar we will learn how to create a basic infographic, including infographic software and tips for success.

No More Paper Surveys!  Using Mobile Devices for Collecting Data in Camp with Bob Barcelona
Paper surveys can present many difficulties for campers and staff.  Collecting data using mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones can make data collection, storage, and analysis easier, more efficient, and yes – fun!  This webinar will discuss the advantages (and challenges) associated with using mobile devices for data collection, and will demonstrate some of the practical uses of this technology in the field.

Karla Henderson, Laurie Browne, Bob Barcelona


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