ACA Coffee Break Webinars - Standards

Winter 2015 Coffee Break Series

Enjoy our new Coffee Break Webinars while you take that coffee or tea break! The winter series consists of three 20 minute webinars focused on STANDARDS.

More Information About Each Event

WHAT? I MISSED IT?  with Members of the National Standards Commission 
Learn about which standards are missed most and methods/tools to use so you won’t get caught in that trap. 

WOW – All Those Things Happened?  with Ian Garner, Markel Insurance and ACA Visitor 
Learn the value of both completing the accident/incident reports and analyzing what all happened.  The discussion will include types of forms, when to complete, how often to review, and who should review. 

WHAT DO YOU MEAN?  Standard HW.11 asks for a camp’s Healthcare Policy.  with Tracey Gaslin, Executive Director, Association of Camp Nurses
Learn more about what to include in your policies and why certain pieces are requested. 

Members of the National Standards Commission, Ian Garner, Tracey Gaslin


Cost: Members - $35; Nonmembers - $70