ACA Coffee Break Webinars - Summer Programming

Spring 2015 Coffee Break Series

Try joining one of our new Coffee Break Webinars while you take that coffee or tea break! Join an expert to learn about topics focused to fit into a 20 minute presentation from start to finish! The series consist of 3 webinars focused on a particular topic. 

The series is focused on tips for summer programming issues including:

Easy Pocket Nature Activities with Ariella Rogge
Watching the clouds float by is a great way to connect to the natural world, but wouldn’t it be fun for your staff to all have 5-10 easy-peasy nature activities for those first 15, last 10 or after the dreaded “this is SO BORING!” comment. The nature activities we will cover are easy to remember, utilize simple materials, and help both campers and staff slow down and connect with their sense of wonder and each other. Through this webinar participants will:
  • Learn 5-10 quick nature activities to share with campers and staff
  • Understand of the importance of connecting kids to the natural world
  • Build a mini-network of like-minded staff who can exchange ideas both during and after the webinar.

Packing Your Weather Backpack: 5 Things Every Camp Manager Should Do with Nezette Rydell
Every outdoor experience requires some knowledge of what weather conditions to expect and how to prepare for those conditions.  Participants will learn 5 weather-related actions that should be addressed for every camp experience.  Through this webinar participants will:

  • Learn how to assess weather hazards for a particular location and season
  • Learn where to find pertinent weather information, how to ensure receipt of weather updates and warnings
  • Understand the need for a plan for action for hazardous weather.

Break Up the Circle While Debriefing - The Activity Stops…The Conversation Continues with Kat Shreve
The word debriefing refers to the action of guiding a group through the reflection process.  The process is generally facilitated in a circle up scenario of questions and replies… Let’s stretch that circle into a new shape by filling up your bag of tricks with ways to discuss with campers their entire day from flag raising to archery to forest walks to clearing the table at dinner to the day’s closing campfire. Intentional reflections help the camp learnings have more staying power and spurs group development and growth… be part of reshaping your camper’s experience at camp.  Reshape the circle…  Participants will be exposed to and begin to gain a mastery of the following skills:

  • Frontloading
  • Debriefing Topics
  • Leadership Skills in Debriefing
  • Debriefing Methods, Descriptive, Tools, Discussion Group, Ratings, Symbols, Whips, Writing 
  • Elements of An Effective Debrief Permission, Boundaries, Purpose, Ability to read the group, Focus, Structure, Simplicity, Time, Responsibility, Learning, and Insights, Honesty, Non Verbal, Environment, Closure
Ariella Rogge, Nezette Rydell, and Kat Shreve


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Presenter Bio(s)

Ariella Randle Rogge is a Co-Director at Sanborn Western Camps in Florissant, CO. She has spent the last twenty years working as a youth development professional in the camping industry and in the experiential and secondary education fields. She is a passionate advocate of the Children in Nature movement and uses her expertise in social media to emphasize the importance of outdoor experiences for children.  She lives happily in the Colorado woods with her husband and two adventurous young sons.

Nezette Rydell is the Meteorologist-in-Charge at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Boulder, Colorado.  She leads the office of 23 meteorologists and support staff serving northeast and north central Colorado as well as the Center Weather Service Unit at the FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center in Longmont.  Nezette holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology from Texas A&M University and a Masters in Computer Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University.  Nezette is involved with education and mitigation efforts for weather hazards and works closely with state and county emergency planners and responders in the areas of weather threats, tropical cyclone impacts, fire weather support and multi-cultural messaging in warning and preparedness.

Kat Shreve - Just minutes after the Shreve Family station wagon arrived at Camp Meadowlea in Bridgeport, WV and Kat jumped out, her career path in camp began.  Since then, Kat has worn many hats in the world of camp and experiential education.  Kat has worked for Project Adventure as a facilitator and developed environmental education programs at Rock Eagle 4-H Center.  Additionally, in her 25+ years in camp, Kat has directed the Athens YWCO Camp for Girls, Girl Scout Camp Meriwether, Camp Kudzu, a camp for children with type 1diabetes, and most recently, YMCA Camp Colman. As an active member of the American Camp Association, Kat serves as an Accreditation Visitor and Instructor Trainer.  During her tenure with ACA, Kat has served as the Education Director for ACA and has volunteered for several years with the Southeastern Region Board of Directors and is, presently, the Professional Development Chair for ACA Evergreen. Kat has spoken at several youth professional gatherings from camp professionals to recreation professionals to educators.  She was on the writing team for two books, Creating Positive Youth Outcomes and Designing Quality Youth Program. Kat graduated from the Recreation & Leisure Studies program at the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Education.  In 2007, Kat was honored as the University of Georgia, College of Education Professional Alumni of the Year. Most recently, Kat was awarded the National Service Award from the American Camp Association celebrating her work volunteering for both multiple ACA regions and on the national level.  She received this award in February 2015.