From C- to A+: Making the Grade for Written Communication from Staff to Parents

Do you secretly dread proofreading the written correspondence your staff draft to camper parents?  Do these letters lack specific information about each child?  Would they make an English professor cringe?  Do you end up writing most notes yourself?  This webinar will address these frustrations and offer creative ways to facilitate this process so that writing quality parent communication is easier on your staff and on you!  This webinar will equip you with a plan to make huge improvements this summer!

Learner Outcomes:
At the end of the session, participants will learn to:

1. Identify the challenges staff face when communicating with parents using a written format
2. Provide staff with good examples for creating correspondence that include child specific details through various training activities demonstrated in this session
3. Create useful templates or guidelines staff can follow when writing home to parents (samples provided)

Kim Aycock, MST


ACA members- $35; Nonmembers- $70

Presenter Bio(s)

Kim Aycock, MST, has 25+ years of experience blending the skills of a master teacher with the knowledge of a seasoned camp expert.  She trains camp staff at all levels and speaks professionally at regional and national conferences.  Kim has the ability to connect with and motivate learners of all ages through her interactive and innovative presentations.  More information can be found on her website: