Closer Look: Bridging

Welcome to the Closer Look Video Series. This recorded on-demand video is one of many that is part of a large library of accreditation related resources offered through ACA called the ACA Accreditation Academy - your one stop shop for learning and growing from the accreditation experience. ​

​We will be taking a Closer Look at Bridging in this recorded video. Bridging is the term used for moving camps that are already accredited, using the Accreditation Process Guide v.2012 to the updated Accreditation Process Guide v.2019. ​

​This Closer Look video will help you magnify the bridging process by helping you to take a deeper dive look at some of the recommendations for getting started, review the requirements of bridging, as well as explore an overview of the biggest standard changes or updates and highlight power tips in making this transition. ​

More information, tools & resources to help you with the bridging process can be found on the Bridging to APG v.2019 webpage.

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