Crisis and Risk Management Strategies for Camps and Experiential Youth Programs

Many organizations are ill-prepared to respond to a significant crisis or emergency, particularly situations that force a program or site to be closed or evacuated. Camp crisis can include severe weather events like forest fires, hurricanes, and flooding, illness outbreaks like H1N1 in the summer of 2009, building fires, and critical accidents or even death.  These experiences have taught organizations that developing proactive crisis response plans is critical, and this webinar will address the steps that your organization needs to consider before, during, and after a crisis event.

Ann McCollum


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Presenter Bio(s)

Ann McCollum has been a camp, school, and outdoor educator for the past 25 years, most recently spending a 13th summer on staff at Cheley Colorado Camps as Girls Camp Director. Focusing on maintaining the best practices of experiential education, McCollum is an independent risk management consultant specializing in staff training as well as reviewing and writing risk management policy and practice for educational and youth development programs. McCollum has real field experiences in crisis (student attempted suicide, fire evacuation, armed intruder) and first response in both front and backcountry environments. McCollum holds an M.Ed. in adolescent counseling, maintains a Wilderness First Responder certification, and has recently been appointed to the ACA National Standards Commission.