Debunking the Myths: Strategies for Effective Bed Bug Response in Camps

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly prevalent in camps and other youth settings.  Calls to the American Camp Association’s crisis hotline indicate a noticeable trend in bed bug problems in camps.  Myths abound about what works and doesn’t work when responding to a bed bugs infestation, and some commonly held beliefs are wrong.   This webinar addresses effective bed bug treatment and response using practical, research-based strategies.  Many camps do not have a bed bug response plan and are unprepared.  Now’s the time to learn the facts.

By the end of the session participants will be familiar with the upward trend in bed bug incidence, research-based information to counter common bed bug myths, strategies for bed bud prevention and response, recommendations for developing a bed-bug response plan, and suggested bed bug resources.

Paul Bello, PJB Pest Management Consulting; John Hall, Pure Environmental Solutions


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Presenter Bio(s)

Paul Bello has been a licensed pest management professional since 1976.  He owned and operated his own business for over ten years and has served as technical director for large and international pest control companies.  He is a former student of one of the industry’s premier and notable experts, Dr. Austin M. Frishman, and is the founder of the Austin M. Frishman Endowment Scholarship established at Purdue University.  He earned his Baccalaureate Degree in Entomology at the University of Georgia and an MBA in Accounting from Adelphi University.   Paul is the author of The Bed Bug Combat Manual published in October 2011 and he is viewed as one of the industry’s leading bed bug experts. He has appeared on the National Geographic Television been interviewed on numerous television news shows and has also been the subject of feature articles in the Sunday New York Times, Newsday and the Atlanta Journal & Constitution newspapers.  His published articles appear in the national trade journals and he is a regular columnist and contributor to Pest Management Professional magazine. In April 2005 Paul launched his consulting practice PJB Pest Management Consulting, LLC and provides a variety of consultative services to various clients across the country. He travels the United States providing assistance to clients from many industries.

John Hall is the President of Pure Environmental Solutions, LLC, which provides environmentally-friendly services in bed bug control, integrated pest management, indoor air quality restoration, proactive disinfection of indoor surfaces, and disaster recovery.  John started in business and service in 1982, when he founded Camp Horizons, a full-service summer camp in Virginia that now serves over 1300 campers per summer.  Innovative camp programming at Camp Horizons led to new opportunities, resulting in the founding and success of Horizons Consulting Group, Horizons Youth Services (a contractor of the Department of Labor that operates five job corps centers), The Outdoor Learning Center at Horizons, and Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center.   John founded Pure Environmental Solutions, LLC after Camp Horizons experienced a serious bedbug problem and he became aware of how serious the issue of bedbug infestation is for commercial property owners.   He has made presentations to camp operators, housing authorities, universities and other stakeholders on adopting proactive maintenance programs and other bedbug issues, and has expanded Pure Environmental Solutions to operations in over ten states across the country.