Engagement Strategies for Millennial Staff — What REALLY Works!

In the 21st Century, it’s all about attention. Attention. Attention. Attention!  Train your staff to focus and keep their attention in the right places and they will excel. Let them default to the new norms of attention, and you are in trouble. This demands far more than keeping them engaged by shortening orientation meetings and offering them dumbed-down, over-simplified messages. Instead it is about training and compelling them to keep their attention on the right things, all the time, regardless of the temptations and distractions they encounter. It is possible, if you understand how their minds work and what it takes to engage them in a compelling way.  This webinar will offer ALL NEW material for the Summer Camp world from Master Trainer Jeffrey Leiken. Jeffrey has not only helped train hundreds of Summer Camp Staffs across North America, he is also a world renown expert in Mentoring youth in their teens and twenties, empowering them to lead extraordinary lives. The material he will be offering in this fascinating webinar will include very specific things you need to be doing in your Orientation, with explicit instruction on how to be doing them to ensure you get the results you want. 

By the end of the webinar participants will learn effective strategies for motivating Millennial Staff, gain useful insights into the science of attention, learn training techniques for fixating the attention of staff, and understand the five key areas to staff need to put their attention on to ensure they do excellent work with youth.

Jeffrey Leiken, MA


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Presenter Bio(s)

Jeffrey Leiken, MA, President of Evolution Mentoring International, is a Professional Mentor and internationally regarded expert in mentoring youth into thriving adults. He’s an Award Winning author and acclaimed speaker noted for his unapologetic, provocative style and practical, doable advice that generates real results. He’s helped over 200 Camps train their staff to be extraordinary and to create riveting programs that change lives. Expect intelligent, in-depth exploration of critical issues, exploring the horizons of what is possible.