Explore! Mars with NASA through Hands-on Activities

Discover how NASA’s robotic explorers are revolutionizing our understanding of the red planet.  This webinar will acquaint you with FREE hands-on science activities related to NASA’s current understanding of Mars and prepare you to lead these activities in your programs with children ages 8-13. All materials are freely available for your use via the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Explore! program.  You will also learn about NASA’s latest upcoming mission to the red planet – MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission) – set to launch on November 18th!  MAVEN’s mission is to orbit Mars and study its atmosphere — helping researchers answer the question, what happened to the water on Mars?

Through this webinar, participants will:

  1. Increase their preparedness and confidence facilitating out-of-classroom hands-on space science activities.
  2. Become familiar with the next NASA robotic spacecraft mission to Mars – MAVEN.
  3. Gain ideas for implementing a celebration of Mars, the MAVEN mission, or related NASA exploration into their programs.

HANDOUT:  Gather these materials before you participate in the webinar.

Andy Shaner, Eve Halligan, and Keliann LaConte - Lunar Planetary Institute


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Presenter Bio(s)

Andy Shaner leads both lunar and Mars education efforts for the LPI, including the High School Lunar Research Projects and Education/Public Outreach for the ChemCam instrument onboard NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory rover, Curiosity. He also actively helps in the planning and implementation of trainings for the LPI Explore library program. Andy holds his BA in Secondary Education with teaching licensures in physics and earth & space science from Wichita State University and his MA in Teaching and Teacher Education with a minor in planetary science from the University of Arizona.

Eve Halligan is an independent contractor working in Education and Public Outreach for the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI), where she helps to create and facilitate out-of-classroom earth and space science materials and programs.  She has experience in informal science education, spending 5 years as an educator in charge of science programs at a hands-on science center prior to joining the education group at the LPI.  Eve has her B.A. in Earth Science, minoring in Meteorology, from the University of Northern Iowa and has completed graduate work towards her M.S. in Geosciences, specializing in Meteorology/Climatology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Keliann LaConte leads the Lunar and Planetary Institute's informal education efforts, including planning the Explore program for librarians and out-of-classroom educators, developing educational materials, and conducting trainings. She also devises effective strategies for bringing Earth and space science to the public during the institute’s educational events for children, families, and adults. Keliann received her B.S. in chemistry from the University of Denver and her M.S. in environmental science and engineering from Caltech. She began helping others connect to the wonders of the natural world during her previous work as a museum docent and aquarium and park naturalist.