Let’s Talk about S-E-X

This webinar will address a variety of topics related to adolescent health and sexuality that may arise during a camper’s or staff member’s time at camp.

1. Learn communication techniques that can help to put camp staff and campers at ease when discussing sensitive matters.

2. Identify at least three health conditions that may require special care or other accommodations at camp.

3. Name sources of assistance/referrals for campers and/or staff members who require confidential health care while at camp.

4. While laws vary from state to state, we will touch upon confidentiality and privacy requirements and situations in which reporting may be required or contraindicated.  

Chris Amidon


ACA members $35; Nonmembers $70

Presenter Bio(s)

Chris is a Registered Nurse with 28 years of experience, and has national certification as a school nurse. She has served as a nurse at two camps, but does not claim to be an expert in camp nursing. Chris is currently a high school nurse, and directs health services in her school district. She has taught sexuality education to students from sixth grade through college for 10+ years. She lives with her husband and teen daughter with our three dogs in a small town in the Midwest.  Chris has led efforts to improve the quality of health curriculum, including sex education, for students and adults in the community. She enjoys volunteering with her state school nurse association, and spends most of my volunteer efforts in the free health clinic that she helped to found in our county.