Mental Wellness for Campers and Staff: Tips for the Camp Professional

While many of us have an image of childhood as carefree, many children and youth experience adversity that puts them at increased risk for physical and mental health problems.  However, developing caring relationships and healthy habits early in life can help to reduce the impact of negative experiences.  Camps provide a unique experience for young people to develop relationships with peers and caring adults and to acquire skills that will set them on a path to leading a healthy and productive life.  In this webinar, participants will learn more about how adversity affects youth and will identify ways in which camps can promote mental wellness among campers and camp staff.  

Through this webinar, participants will learn:
1. Be able to identify at least two (2) risk factors for mental health problems among children and youth.
2.Be able to describe how developing caring relationships and healthy habits early in life promote physical and mental wellness among children and youth.
3.Be able to list at least two (2) things that camps can do to promote mental wellness among campers and camp staff.

Mary Marugg and Brandon Stratford


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Presenter Bio(s)

Brandon Stratford is a Research Scientist working in the Youth Development area at Child Trends. He focuses primarily on research and program evaluation related to mental health and positive youth development, with an emphasis on school-based interventions.  He has a Ph.D. in public health from Johns Hopkins University with a focus on child and adolescent health. He has worked as an educator and a school-based social worker in the United States and Latin America and has experience implementing a number of evidence-based programs related to students’ behavioral health as well as positive parenting behaviors in both English and Spanish. He is passionate about applied, multidisciplinary research on children’s health and well-being that can serve to better inform policy and program decisions. He is particularly interested in understanding the direct and indirect pathways through which schools contribute to child well-being. 

Mary Marugg RN (along with her husband Winston) are Directors of Sonlight Camp in Southwest Colorado. With over 35 years of camp leadership and camp nursing experience, Mary has spoken at several conferences, authored articles on camp healthcare, and been involved  in the leadership of Association of Camp Nurses for 30 years. Encouraging healthy camp communities is a personal priority and dedication.