Poke Me in the Eye Right Now! Make Every Meeting More Interesting

Have you ever said that to yourself?  Poke me in the eye!  That would be way less painful than the meeting I am in right now!  This webinar will have you create amazing meetings and make meetings that you are attending much better.  We will concentrate on what types of meetings, where the meetings take place, when the meetings take place, why the meetings take place.  Do have an agenda?  Who facilitates your meetings?  Every aspect of any camp meetings possible will be covered to make the all engaging, informative and a tremendous amount of fun.  

Steve Maguire


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Presenter Bio(s)

Steve Maguire is a veteran in the fields of education, summer camp and customer service. He has been teaching, coaching and working with camps for the past twenty years. Upon graduation from Plymouth State University in 1997, Steve began working as a middle school teacher and coach.  He has been a full time public school teacher, this year entering his 18th year teaching in the classroom. He has also served in various summer camp roles from general counselor to camp director.  Ten years ago, Steve began presenting professionally, and has since presented for such nationally recognized organizations as the American Camping Association, National Parks and Recreation Association, Independent School Health Association, Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, as well as various other camps, schools and municipalities.   He has facilitated trainings and consultations at over 500 camps in the last 10 years! He is a member of the faculty for Expert Online Training, the premier online staff training resource in the world.   Steve is also a regular contributor to the ACA’s CAMPING magazine.   He has been both a keynote and education session hit at any conference he’s presented.

Steve is a remarkably dynamic speaker. His ability to engage the emotion and minds of his audience members is a powerful combination. His presentations are known for their clear organization, humor and pragmatic outcomes.