The Psychology of Influence: Strategies to Positively Shape Staff Behavior

Learn strategies to influence, inspire, and impact those around you.  Teach staff to build rapport, communicate effectively, and create an empowering culture that will foster character development in today’s youth.  Are you an influencer capable of helping others achieve more than they considered possible? Can you help shape character and inspire the drive for success in others?  Learn to adapt emotions and behaviors to create a foundation for achievement and make a difference in the lives you touch.

Through this webinar participants will learn:

  1. To inspire others to have a stronger influence and impact on the people around them.
  2. Running on autopilot- how our decisions, beliefs, and behaviors are formed based on habits and how to help ourselves and others move from the status quo.
  3. Effective influence strategies that most people fail to utilize and why conventional wisdom is ineffective when trying to influence beliefs and behavioral change.
Robert Burns


ACA members: $35, Non-Members: $70

Presenter Bio(s)

Rob Burns has spent many years studying what it takes to lead, inspire and influence others. Rob completed a four-year degree in business and worked within the international marketing department of a French company before joining Lake of the Woods & Greenwoods Camps.  Having lived in Spain, Germany, Cyprus, and England, Rob decided that he wanted to find out what an American summer camp was all about!  Rob presents at national and local conferences on influence and leadership strategies.