Simple Tips on How to Create a Healthy Food Culture at your Camp

Think beyond the menu! Your impact on campers' lifelong food choices can extend beyond your dining hall tables.
Through this webinar participants will learn:
  • Participants will be challenged to audit their entire camp operation to maximize this impact.
  • Participants will identify stakeholders and start "to do" lists to enlist support and generate ownership of new ideas.
  • By prioritizing simple steps, camp administrators will jumpstart plans to reduce unhealthy behaviors sometimes modeled in camp programs.
Genie Gunn


ACA members $35; Nonmembers $70

Presenter Bio(s)

Genie Gunn, a former Camp Director, is currently serving as the Food and Nutrition Manager for the model kitchen of "Rainbow In My Tummy ©", an innovative initiative to improve the quality of food served to children in early care settings in Western North Carolina and beyond. Founder of Happy Camper Food Solutions in 2012, she envisions camp environments which model sustainable lifelong habits in and beyond the dining hall.