Staff Training Activities to Promote Camp Health and Safety

Looking for great ideas to enhance your staff training program?  This webinar will target specific, simple strategies that camps can use to reduce the prevalence of camper and staff injuries and illnesses.  Learn fun activities you can integrate into your staff orientation and training programs to help staff understand their role in creating healthy camp experiences for all.

Through this webinar participants will:

  1. Understand strategies for reducing camper and staff injuries and illnesses,
  2. Learn activities that can be integrated into staff orientation and training programs, and
  3. Recognize resources that support camp health, safety, and risk management.
Linda Erceg, Tracey Gaslin, & Barry Garst


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Presenter Bio(s)

Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, is the Associate Director of Health and Risk Management for Concordia Language Villages and Executive Director of the Association of Camp Nurses (ACN). She lives at camp in Bemidji, MN. An avid proponent of “healthier camping for all,” Erceg authored The Basics of Camp Nursing (2009) with Myra Pravda, has written and spoken extensively in the area of camp health and risk management, developed the seminar “Management of Camp Health Services,” and has been actively involved with the Healthy Camps research initiatives. Her formal education includes degrees in nursing, health education, psychology, and physical education. Linda’s ACA efforts include Chair of the Healthy Camp Education and Monitoring Program Advisory Committee, column author for Camping Magazine, being a Standards Visitor, activity in her Northland Section, a National Board term, and service on ACA’s CARE Committee.  

Tracey C. Gaslin, PhD, CRNI, CPNP, FNP-BC is a professor and nurse practitioner specializing in camp nursing and infusion care.  Her doctoral degree is in educational and organizational leadership and she publishes the majority of her work in medical camp nursing, pediatric bleeding disorders, and pediatric development.  She is currently the Medical Director at The Center for Courageous Kids and serves as the President for the Association of Camp Nurses.  Dr. Gaslin also serves on ACA's Healthy Camp Education and Monitoring Program Advisory Committee.  

Barry A. Garst, Ph.D. is the Director of Program Development and Research Application with the American Camp Association and a former Assistant Professor of youth development at Virginia Tech.  His background includes more than 14 years of administrative and programming experience as a municipal day camp manager, wilderness mental health counselor, residential camp and conference center director, and state camping specialist.  Barry’s current work focuses on facilitating national educational alliances and partnerships, translating research into practice, and developing national educational programs.  Barry served as the project manager for ACA’s Healthy Camps Study and is currently managing ACA’s Healthy Camp Education and Monitoring Program.