Camp Kitchen Staff Training

March 21, 2018 -
9:00am to 5:00pm

All times local.

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Cost: $50.00 / student

Lunch will be included


Training will begin with learning more about food allergies at camp.  This 3 hour segment will include:

1.       Understanding Food Allergies

2.       Creating a Food Allergy Team

3.       Advance Preparation for accommodating kids with food allergies

4.       At Camp strategies for keeping children with food allergies, safety, and includeding a. In the kitchen, b. Camp Programming, c. Training counselors

5.       What would work at your camp?

This training will be taught by Louise Tippens.  She is the founder of Camp Blue Spruce, the only weeklong overnight camp in the country dedicated to kids with food allergies. Louise’s son, Riley, has multiple, life-threatening food allergies. Throughout his childhood, Louise was focused on making sure that Riley’s life was as close to “normal” as possible. Whenever there were events with food, like picnics or birthday parties or even Thanksgiving, Louise always prepared enough "Riley-friendly food" for everyone to enjoy. She accommodates other people in Riley’s world, opening new opportunities for him. Louise's focus is on Riley’s whole well-being -- his quality of life- rather than just his health. And what she saw was lacking? A chance to spend time at overnight camp.

Louise’s background in project management and non-profit organizations made it possible for her to start a camp dedicated to kids with food allergies. Her personal mission is that every kid with food allergies should have the opportunity to go to camp and be safe.

The afternoon session will be based on how we have implemented the HACCP Food Safety Program into the kitchen at Camp Howard. 

Camp Howard was established in 1952.  We cook 3 meals per day plus snacks, 7 days per week during camping season.   Our cooking staff is comprised of local people, some working part-time, others full time, with varying degrees of experience.

Our ultimate goal of the training is to improve food safety at camp by teaching camps to create and implement an HACCP Food Safety Program.  This training will be designed to allow participants with food handler cards to develop an understanding of the concepts and importance of HACCP.

Using the Camp Howard Food Safety Program book, we will explain how we are implementing the standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the kitchen, step by step, to monitor Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. (HACCP).

This will include: 

  • How to properly fill out the dishwasher and refrigeration logs.
  • How to list the ingredients we use at camp to determine which HACCP rules apply to that ingredient and how that ingredient must be handled:
  • How to properly use the damaged and discarded product log.
  • How to use the food contact surfaces cleaning and sanitation log.
  • How to calibrate thermometers and document calibration on the thermometer calibration log. 
  • The actions the Person in Charge should force compliance with, while overseeing the kitchen, to insure food safety and properly fill out the Food Safety checklist at the end of each shift. 


CYO Camp Howard
11010 SE Camp Howard Rd.

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Karen von Borstel